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The "Bard of Bath" is the winner of an annual competition to find Bath's best poet, singer or storyteller. The Bard of Bath continues an Iron-Age Celtic Druid tradition where DRUIDS were the law-makers, judges and ceremonial leaders, OVATES were mediums, healers and prophets and BARDS were poets, musicians and history-keepers. All of them held high status and a place in mystical/religous circles.

The annual competition will be held on December 19th, 2004.See more details here.

Bath Takes the Bardic Chair to Exeter.

In Bath, the standing officers are:

Bardic Chair
Previous Bards
Druid Chair
Ovation Chair
The Bardic Bear

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The Druid Chair is held for 7 years, currently by Tim Sebastian. He wears a white robe.

The Ovatian Chair is held for 3 years and is awarded to someone who works in healing, ecology or community work. Misha and Richard Carde jointly hold this post. The traditional robe is green.

The Bardic Chair is held for a year, awarded by competition to the winning poet/singer/storyteller. The robe is blue and the Bard has a special chair (made by local craftsman Rob Miller). The current Bard (200304) is Helen Moore. See her own site at